Aging Studies

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Julia Velten: Extraordinary Forms of Aging, Buch

Julia Velten
Extraordinary Forms of Aging

Aging Studies -Band 23

While aging and the life-course appear to be normalized processes, the complex construction of age at the intersection of biology, society, and culture remains opaque. This study contributes to a deeper u…

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: Gender and Age/Aging in Popular Culture, Buch

Gender and Age/Aging in Popular Culture

Aging Studies -Band 22

As social spaces are culturally diverse and digitally networked, the reality of our lives is shaped by processes of globalization and digitization. This leads to the question of whether popular cultures e…

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: Masculinities Ageing between Cultures, Buch

Masculinities Ageing between Cultures

Aging Studies -Band 21

Global mobility is one of the crucial phenomena of our time. Combining the theoretical frameworks of masculinity studies and age studies, the contributors to this volume examine the intersection of cultur…

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