Joe Louis Walker: Live On The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

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Joe Louis Walker

Live On The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

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  • Erscheinungstermin: 28.9.2010
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  1. 1 Play Slow Down "GTO"/Joe Louis Walker
  2. 2 Play Ain't That Cold/Joe Louis Walker
  3. 3 Play You're Gonna Make Me Cry/Curtis Salgado
  4. 4 Play Eyes Like A Cat/Deanna Bogart
  5. 5 Play Ten More Shows To Play/ Joe Louis Walker
  6. 6 Play Born In Chicago/Jason Ricci
  7. 7 Play Sugar Mama /Joe Louis Walk
  8. 8 Play Tell Me Why/Duke Robillard
  9. 9 Play A Poor Man's Plea/Joe Louis Walker
  10. 10 Play It's A Shame/Henry Oden
  11. 11 Play 747/Joe Louis Walker

* Joe Louis Walker's Blues Conspiracy
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This might be a good argument that the best way to experience Walker is live.

Here we find him out at sea with a bunch of blues and rock hitters just letting the good times roll because, well, where are they going to go. The electricity is in the air as cats that you didn’t think knew each other kick it out on tunes that stray pretty far afield from the usual jam session cuts. High octane party fun that’ll easily take you back to the college era roadhouses where you wasted your youth (or should have).

Fun stuff throughout that makes you wish you were there.


,,Klasse CD, bei der einfach alles stimmt!" (Good Times, 02-03 / 2011)