Crown and Glory - Music fit for a Coronation Day Celebration

Crown and Glory - Music fit for a Coronation Day Celebration
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  • Georg Friedrich Händel: Coronation Anthems "Zadok the Priest" & "My Heart is inditing"; La Paix & La Rejouissance aus Feuerwerksmusik-Suite HWV 351; Allegro & Air aus Wassermusik-Suite Nr. 1 HWV 348; Alla Hornpipe aus Wassermusik-Suite HWV 331; Hallelujah aus Der Messias
    +Edward Elgar: Land of Hope and Glory (Pomp and Circumstance March Nr. 5); Pomp and Circumstance March Nr. 4
    +Hubert Parry: Jerusalem; I was glad
    +Thomas Arne: Rule Britannia
    +Gustav Holst: I vow to thee my Country
    +Ulrich Roever / Michael Korb: Highland Cathedral
    +Eric Coates: Knightsbridge aus London Suite
    +Henry Walford Davies: RAF March
    +Ralph Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Greensleeves
    +William Boyce: The King shall rejoice
    +Edwin Franko Goldman: On the Mall
    +Mai Jones / Lyn Joshua / James Harper: We'll keep a Welcome
    +Jeremiah Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary
    +Brinley Richards: God bless the Prince of Wales
    +Charles Wood: O Thou the Central Orb
    +Thomas Arne / Edward Elgar: Britannia Salute
    +William Walton: Spitfire Prelude; Orb and Sceptre; Coronation March "Crown Imperial"
    +John Goss: Praise my Soul the King of Heaven
    +John Mervyn Addison: Reach for the Sky
    +Evan Jolly: Guide me O though Redeemer
    +Peter Maxwell Davies: Farewell to Stromness
    +Henry Russell: A Life on the Ocean Waves
    +Traditionals: God save the King; All People that on Earth do dwell; Scotland the Brave; Irish Tune from County Derry "Danny Boy"; Nation's Pride; The British Grenadiers; Scottish Medley; Land of my Fathers; All through the Night
  • Künstler: Bryn Terfel, Freddie de Tommaso, Choir Of New College Oxford, Monteverdi Choir, The Sixteen, The English Concert, BBC Concert Orchestra, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Eastman Wind Ensemble, Boston Pops Orchestra, English Baroque Soloists, Trevor Pinnock, Barry Holdsworth, Eric Coates, Neville Marriner, Edward Higginbottom, Frederick Fennell, John Eliot Gardiner, Harry Christophers
  • Label: Decca, ADD/DD, 1980-2022
  • Bestellnummer: 11459720
  • Erscheinungstermin: 28.4.2023
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Disk 1 von 2 (CD)

Zadok the Priest, HWV 258
  1. 1 Georg Friedrich Händel: Original Version
Land of Hope and Glory
  1. 2 Edward Elgar: Arr. from "Pomp and Circumstance" March No.1
  1. 3 Hubert Parry: Arr. Edward Elgar
Rule Britannia
  1. 4 Thomas Arne: Arr. Malcolm Sargent/Ornamentation: Della Jones
Pomp and Circumstance March No.4 in G, Op.39, No.4
  1. 5 Edward Elgar: Original Version
I Vow to Thee, my Country
  1. 6 Gustav Holst: Orch. Gerrard Williams
  1. 7 Royal Scots Dragoon Guards: Highland Cathedral (Album Version)
London Suite
  1. 8 Eric Coates: 3. Knightsbridge March (Original Version)
Music for the Royal Fireworks: Suite HWV 351
  1. 9 3. La paix (Original Version)
  2. 10 4. La réjouissance (Original Version)
  3. 11 All People That On Earth Do Dwell
  1. 12 The Central Band of the Royal Air Force: R.A.F. March Past
Fantasia on Greensleeves
  1. 13 Ralph Vaughan Williams: Original Version
The King shall Rejoice
  1. 14 William Boyce: Edited Edward Higginbottom
  1. 15 Edwin Franko Goldman: On the Mall
Scotland the Brave
  1. 16 Anonymous: Arr. P. Hollenbeck
We'll keep a welcome
  1. 17 arr.: Chris Hazell
Trumpet Voluntary
  1. 18 Jeremiah Clarke: Arr. Sir Henry Wood
Irish Tune from County Derry "Danny Boy"
  1. 19 Also known as "Londonderry Air"
  1. 20 Georg Friedrich Händel: A Nation's Pride (Medley)
  2. 21 Richards: God Bless The Prince Of Wales

Disk 2 von 2 (CD)

  1. 1 God Save The King (British National Anthem)
  2. 2 The Traditional: The British Grenadiers
Water Music Suite No.1 in F, HWV 348
  1. 3 Allegro (Original Version)
  2. 4 5. Air (Original Version)
Water Music; Appendix
  1. 5 Georg Friedrich Händel: XII. Alla Hornpipe Variant in F Major, HWV 331/2 (Original Version)
  1. 6 Charles Wood: O Thou the Central Orb
  2. 7 The Traditional: Scottish Medley (Album Version)
  3. 8 William Walton: Spitfire Prelude
  4. 9 Wallingford Parish Church Choir: Praise My Soul
  5. 10 John Mervyn Addison: Reach For The Sky
  6. 11 Wallingford Parish Church Choir: Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer
  7. 12 The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines: Britannic Salute
  8. 13 William Walton: Orb And Sceptre
  9. 14 Sir Peter Maxwell Davies: Farewell To Stromness (Composed Version)
  10. 15 The Traditional: Land Of My Fathers (Album Version)
My Heart is Inditing Coronation Anthem No.4, HWV 261
  1. 16 Georg Friedrich Händel: My heart is Inditing (Original Version)
  1. 17 Henry Russell: A Life On The Ocean Wave
  2. 18 The Traditional: All Through The Night (Ar Hyd Y Nos) (Album Version)
Crown Imperial: A Coronation March
  1. 19 William Walton: Original Version
  1. 20 Hubert Parry: I Was Glad
Messiah, HWV 56 (Original Version)
  1. 21 "Hallelujah" (Pt. 2)