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Pragya Agarwal: Hysterical, Buch

Pragya Agarwal

In Hysterical, Dr Pragya Agarwal delves into history and science to determine the truth about our notions of innate differences between the male and female experience of emotions. She examines the impact …

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Vivek Agarwal: Introduction to DC Microgrids, Buch

Vivek Agarwal
Introduction to DC Microgrids

IEEE Press

Discover the art and science of designing, building, and installing DC microgrid systems with this authoritative resource Introduction to DC Microgrids delivers a comprehensive and concise introduction t…

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: Carolina Ullrich - Emocion, CD

Carolina Ullrich - Emocion

Carolina Ullrich, Marcelo Amaral

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Nazir Afzal: The Race to the Top, Buch

Nazir Afzal
The Race to the Top

A New Statesman `most anticipated title of the year `Compelling. David Lammy MP `Refreshing, Pragya Agarwal A powerful intervention roundly debunking the myth of progress in racial equality particula…

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Matthew Williams: The Science of Hate, Buch

Matthew Williams
The Science of Hate

Why do people hate? A world-leading criminologist explores the tipping point between prejudice and hate crime, analysing human behaviour across the globe and throughout history in this vital book. 'This …

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