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    Chris Larsson: Deception Island, Buch

    Chris Larsson
    Deception Island

    A photograph found in the effects of a murdered polar explorer reveals evidence of something that should not be there. A military team from a top-secret unit is dispatched. But the South Atlantic in winte…

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    Cormac McCarthy: Untitled McCarthy 14, Buch
    Zadie Smith: The Wives' Tales, Buch

    Zadie Smith
    The Wives' Tales

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    Mary Beth Keane: The Walking People, Buch
    John Banville: Banville Novel, Buch

    John Banville
    Banville Novel

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    Jokha Alharthi: The Bitter Orange Tree, Buch
    Emily St. John Mandel: Sea of Tranquility, Buch
    Douglas Stuart: Young Mungo, Buch

    Douglas Stuart
    Young Mungo

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    Joseph Kanon: The Berlin Exchange, Buch
    Yan Lianke: Three Brothers, Buch

    Yan Lianke
    Three Brothers

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    Jennie Fields: Atomic Love, Buch

    Jennie Fields
    Atomic Love

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    Mike Gayle: The Museum of Ordinary People, Buch

    Mike Gayle
    The Museum of Ordinary People

    The superb new novel from the bestselling author of Half A World Away and All the Lonely People,<, font> Inspired by a box of mementos found abandoned in a skip following a house clearance, The Museu…

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    Miranda Dickinson: The Start of Something, Buch

    Miranda Dickinson
    The Start of Something

    Two lonely people. One note in the window. And what happens when they reach out...

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    Rosie Walsh: The Love of My Life, Buch
    Carrie Hope Fletcher: With This Kiss, Buch

    Carrie Hope Fletcher
    With This Kiss

    The brand new love story from the Number One Sunday Times bestselling author - coming August 2021

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    Jason Nash: I F*cked Up So You Don't Have To, Buch

    Jason Nash
    I F*cked Up So You Don't Have To

    The infamous Vlog Squad member Jason Nash puts the camera down and with his inimitable humor and charm shares all the thing you should NOT do if you want to succeed in life. Let's be honest—Jason Nash m…

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    Yaa Gyasi: Transcendent Kingdom, Buch
    Toni Morrison: Recitatif, Buch

    Toni Morrison

    A beautiful, arresting story about race and the relationships that shape us through life by the legendary Toni Morrison, in a stand-alone Knopf hardcover for the first time, with an introduction by Zadie …

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    Ralf Rothmann: The God of that Summer, Buch

    Ralf Rothmann
    The God of that Summer

    A child at war: at the beginning of 1945, twelve-year-old Luisa Norff and her mother and older sister had to flee to the country from bombarded Kiel. The estate of her brother-in-law Vinzent, an SS office…

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